Undercurrent | an exhibition by Linda Lieberman

27th April - 27th May 2017

“Ecologically, man cannot ignore what feeds him socially, politically, economically and spiritually” - Linda Lieberman 

Undercurrent showcased Lieberman's on-going series Ocean, inspired by the ecology of the sea. Lieberman aims to wake us up to the importance of our relationship with the ocean through her photographic and sculptural works. 

Reoccurring motifs include the Octopus. This animal is symbolic, as it sacrifices its life to nurture its young until they are able to survive on their own. By illustrating our marriage to the oceans, Lieberman reveals the importance to treat it with love to preserve it for future generations. 

Exhibition events included a private view and public launch, Shotgun Studios was proud to showcase these artworks and also provide a platform for musicians to perform during the event.