Shotgun Studios is an independent art and music venue that strives to push the boundaries of the conventional gallery concept. 

We provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase up and coming projects, and we encourage collaborations between visual artists, performers and musicians. This flexible space allows London's leading emerging artists to fully develop and showcase their vision in a down-to-earth and welcoming atmosphere.

We run a transparent yet strict artist selection criteria. Once selected, our multidisciplinary team of organised artists work within a team environment, facilitating creative discussion, peer review and adjustment - challenging the artist's ideas of what is possible for an exhibition.


Echo Chamber will have an extended run of 6 weeks, from June 1st  – July 15th at Shotgun Studios, Acton - London

Gallery opening hours are Tuesday - Friday 3-9pm and 10-4pm on the weekends  

"MELTING PLASTIC and burnt painted figures fight for space in Conrad Armstrong’s newest exhibition Echo Chamber."

An exploration into the constancy of societal figures and the perpetuating narcissism of social media – Echo Chamber creates a contrast between anchors of truth and subjective reality. This grappling of ideas is illustrated by Armstrong’s intense creative process, as opposing materials burn and deform together, forging striking visualisations that emerge through the destruction.

Tapped as one of the Top 10 Artists To Watch in 2017 by Artist and Illustrator Magazine, Echo Chamber is a challenging and disruptive solo exhibition.

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  • Interested in getting in touch or working on a project with us? 
  • We are looking to turn the venue into a hub for small quirky specialist monthly nights. 
  • If your just keen to give an idea a go or need a space to work on a project one or two nights a week, get in touch.
  • We managed to get permission from some supportive local business's for wall-space for street art murals and installations. 


The area is something special, the locals are still friendly around here and Acton Central Overground Station and the park are less than 3 minutes walk away. Shepherds Bush/East Acton Central line stations are a short bus ride away, and Acton Town Piccadilly line is only a 15 minute walk. 

Churchfield Road has the benefit of a wide range of amazing food hangouts; Hadrian's Pizza is top notch gourmet Italian Pizza at good prices, and the famous English Butcher is right next door as well as a thriving range of independent stores along Churchfield Road.  

For the foodies, wine or ale connoisseurs out there, we have more than a dozen exceptional pubs, restaurants and bars within a half mile radius; ranging from gastro to spit and sawdust and everything in between.


37a Churchfield Road

Acton Central

London W3 6AY



We have connections with all sorts of useful people and will help make your bespoke space feel right, we also have a well ventilated private spray studio within 150 metres and a few other nifty tricks up our sleeve.

The West London street art's scene is gathering momentum, great places like the West London Art Factory and others are building a distinctive thoughtful style whilst progressing the scene, and Shotgun Studios have joined the march.